Welcome to the website of Harvard Student Mental Health Liaisons!

Dear Friends,
As you may have read in Dean Pfister’s email, one of our classmates has passed away. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for support during this difficult time for the Harvard community. If you have any questions about resources for dealing with this tragedy, all of us SMHLs would love to support you and direct you to resources on campus. You can find contact information for your house SMHLs here, and our flowchart (below) outlines the different campus mental health resources.
Additionally, Cabot will be hosting a BSC workshop called “How to Help a Grieving Friend” in the dining hall at 6pm on Wednesday. Everyone is welcome to attend.
Wishes of wellness,
Mental Health Resources Flowchart front
Mental Health Resources Flowchart back info - 2014 SMHL (1)

Mission Statement

SMHL are student leaders who work collaboratively with the Wellness Proctors/Tutors, and other student groups to promote a supportive student community at Harvard. Liaisons educate, raise awareness, and engage in House and Freshman Yard community programs in order to help our community (students, residential and administration staff, faculty) better understand the issues of emotional wellbeing, early recognition of students in distress, treatment effectiveness, treatment options, and to promote emotional support in the community.

Student Mental Health Liaisons (SMHL) 

Student Mental Health Liaisons (SMHL) was founded in 2008 by the UHS Department of Behavioral Health and Academic Counseling (BHAC) and students to reach students in a non-threatening environment, engage them in the ongoing effort to promote a community that attends to the emotional wellbeing of students, and to provide factual information oriented to and delivered by students. Paul Barreira, formerly the director of BHAC and currently the director of Harvard University Health Services (HUHS), is our group’s adviser.

History of our website

Harvardsmhl.org was founded in fall 2010 by Seth Riddley, an undergraduate from South Carolina. Riddley began the project as a part of the Harvard Student Mental Health Liaisons (SMHL) in order to create a community blog and portal for mental health information on campus and other resources.  Within weeks, the website became one of the most visited on campus, covered in The Crimson and Flyby Blog. The site seeks to unite and increase the amount of interaction between the many organizations on campus focused on mental health and wellness, including University Health Services, The Center for Wellness, and all of the peer counseling and peer education groups. Harvardsmhl.org hopes to be a means to de-stigmatize mental health and to provide a positive light to the subject.

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