SMHL Spotlight: Stephanie Ferrarie '18

Hello all!

Stephanie Ferrarie is a sophomore from Connecticut whose passion lies in dogs and desserts. When she's not advocating for mental health awareness, she can be found dancing in the Modern Dance Company and working in theatrical productions on campus. And no, she does not own a Ferrari. As far as we know.

As a panelist for SMHL's upcoming "When Is It More Than Just A Bad Day" event, Stephanie was able to give us a sneak preview:

1. What has been your favorite part about SMHL?

I love the people! Not just the other SMHLs, who are awesome, but also people able to have an impact on the student body at large. I’m so nice when people ask me about CAMHS or when they’re having a rough time because it reminds me why the work that we do is so important. The other SMHLs are great too, obviously— we all share a common goal and everyone’s very committed and enthusiastic, which is a great environment to be in.

2. What motivated you to participate in this event?

I’m pretty open with other people about being an SMHL and the personal reasons behind deciding to join. I’m looking forward to providing another point of view to the panel so that people can learn from my experiences regarding mental health.

3. What are some of the thought/feelings that you hope to express at the event?

I’m definitely an advocate of getting help before something becomes a problem, especially with mental health. At this point, I am kind of over whatever stigmas are attached to my own mental health, but I know that other people aren’t comfortable reaching out. Ultimately, I’d really like to stress how important it is to take care of yourself.

4. Is there any advice that you'd like to give to students here on campus who might be having a bad day or are particularly stressed.

Definitely do something that makes you happy at least once every day. It seems simple and cliched but it’s so easy to fall into the excuse of “I’m too busy with ...” that you don’t take time out of your day to do the things that you actually enjoy doing. I’m in the mind that if you have a choice between doing homework or seeing a play that your friend is in, then you should see the play because you’re going to get your homework done eventually, but maybe just not as early as you would like. That’s not to say to procrastinate and slack off, but rather to prioritize things that you want to do and let everything else fall into place.

5. How do you relax on your off time?

I spend a lot of time napping and watching television when I’m home. I feel like I should say something more interesting or productive but that’s it.

6. What are some of your favorite places to study and/or relax?

I study in my room or dining halls. Those places are more relaxed and not as harsh as silent libraries. I like to relax by exercising — swimming, dancing, or running. It’s good to get the endorphins going.

7. What is your mantra? 

Mantra: be the person your dog thinks you are.

Wise words Steph. Thanks for being awesome!