"Dear Andy" - A piece on Mental Health

Check out this article from the Crimson written by William F. Morris who advocates for the destigmatization of mental health on campus!

"But I hope this letter to you will help change things for others. I hope it will convince someone who is like me all those years ago to find the support that they need. I hope it will encourage someone like me now—too busy with their midterms, their finals, and their papers—to check in on a friend. I hope it will encourage us as a community to fight against the stigma surrounding mental health issues both in our college and in our nation. And most of all, I am sorry that we live in a society where we could not talk openly to each other."

You can find the full article via this link: http://www.thecrimson.com/article/2015/9/2/mental-health-letter-andy/


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