SMHL Spotlight: Harrison Choate '17

Harrison Choate, world class skater and fellow SMHL, was featured in this weekend's "Evening With Champions." We take a moment to ask Harrison what motivates him to succeed and his personal strategies for balancing a busy schedule.

SMHL: Tell us about your figure-skating! How did you get started, what made you keep doing it in college?

HC: I started figure skating when I was five years old. My parents initially put me in hockey and that didn't really stick, so I asked if I could try figure skating instead. It just stuck, and I did it my whole life, continuing to get more serious and competitive with it as I got older. I took a gap year after high school to focus on skating so that I could really close that chapter of my life before moving on to college. I still love it, but I want to explore other aspects of my life in college. I still keep it with me through my involvement in Harvard Figure Skating Club and An Evening with Champions.

SMHL: How do you relax on your off time? 

HC: Nothing helps me relax more than taking a night to watch Netflix, eat chocolate, and NOT check my e-mail.

SMHL: What are some of our favorite things to do on campus?

HC: My favorite activities that I'm involved with on campus are An Evening with Champions and OBVIOUSLY SMHL! Outside of school and my extracurriculars, I love going for runs along the Charles, people watching in the d-hall, and Lowell Tea every Thursday.

SMHL: Favorite places on campus to study, relax, et al. 

HC: My favorite places to study are the dining hall and Hicks House (the Kirkland library). I don't like the stressful environment of Lamont. I like to be calm when I study, so I go to more relaxed environments. To avoid all things academic, I just hang out in my common room, the Kirkland and Eliot courtyards, and any spot along the river.

SMHL: Anything else? (meow)

HC: I love cats, but I've never had a cat. 

SMHL: Go figure! ;)

If you'd like to learn more, or have any other questions for Harrison, he can be reached at

All the best,