About the project

Introductory Video to Harvard Speaks Up

In August of 2012, SMHL was brainstorming plans for the upcoming school year.  We were looking for an innovative way to address the stigma surrounding mental health concerns.  Inspired by mindcheck.ca and the “It Gets Better” video that generated fantastic discussions at Harvard last year, we decided that online videos are an incredibly powerful means of communication.  Using this concept, we began sketching out plans for a whole website dedicated to hosting videos recorded by members of the Harvard community talking about struggling. From then on, Harvard Speaks Up grew and evolved every year, using different forms of multimedia to de-stigmatize mental illness and give mental health advocates a platform to share their story. We feel these ideas are timely and vitally important for the Harvard community and our broader community. Please take a moment to look through past Harvard Speaks Up content below and on our social media platforms. 

So, speak up. You’re not alone.

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