ECHO is a peer counseling group that addresses concerns surrounding eating, body image, and self-esteem, both for those dealing with these issues and those concerned for others. Peer counselors are trained to provide non-judgmental support and to address concerns surrounding eating, body image, and self-esteem for individuals and friends. Lowell E-012. Drop-ins: Sun-Wed 8pm-11pm. Hotline: daily 8pm-11pm. Hotline: daily 8pm-8am, 617-495-8200. 


CONTACT provides non-judgmental, non-directive, confidential peer counseling for Harvard undergraduates. Peer counselors trained to handle a wide variety of issues and specialize in issues of sex, sexuality, sexual orientation, gender, and relationships. You can also check out the resource library or pick up safer sex supplies. Thayer basement. Drop-ins: Thurs, Fri, Sun 8pm-1am. Hotline: Wed-Sun nights 8pm-1am. Hotline: 617-495-8111.  


RESPONSE is a group of undergraduate women trained to provide peer counseling on any and all relationship issues - from concerns about dating to concerns about sexual harassment or assault including rape, incest, abuse, and difficult relationships. We are here to provide non-judgmental support, honest answers, information, and resources to Harvard undergraduates. If it's bothering you, it's serious enough to call. All genders welcome. Lowell House Basement, E-013. Drop-ins: Sun-Thurs 8pm-11pm. Hotline: Every night 8pm-8am. Hotline: 617-495-9600. 


ROOM 13 Two peer counselors, usually a male and a female, are available for general peer counseling on any topic. It offers a supportive, sympathetic ear and maintain strict confidentiality. Students can talk about anything that's on their minds without being judged. Students are also welcome to just drop by, sit down, relax, and have cookies. Thayer basement. Drop-ins and Hotline: Every night 7pm-7am. Hotline: 617-495-4969. 


Sexual Health And Relationship Counselors (SHARC) -formerly known as PCC-is a group of undergraduate students who counsel on issues related to sexual health, contraception, STIs and testing, relationships, dating, and other topics related to sexual health. The office is stocked with different brands of condoms, lube, dental dams, internal ("female") condoms, and more! Counselors are on hand and can be reached by phone to answer any questions and provide information and non-directive, non-judgmental counseling. UHS After Hours Entrance, 5th Floor. Drop-ins: Sun-Thurs 7pm-12am, Fri and Sat 8pm-10pm. Hotline, anytime: 617-495-7561. 



Consent, Assault Awareness & Relationship Educators (CAARE) aims to raise awareness about sexual assault. Our goal is to promote and facilitate healthy sexual relationships on Harvard’s campus and in the surrounding community. It stands with the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (OSAPR) to promote the compassionate and just treatment of student survivors, their friends, and significant others, foster collaborative relationships between campus and community systems, and affect attitudinal and behavioral changes on campus as we work toward the elimination of sexual violence against all people.

Drug & Alcohol Peer Advisors (DAPA) Students are trained to response to questions about alcohol and other drug issues at Harvard; serve as health opinion leaders, resources to their peers, and ambassadors to the Office of Alcohol & Other Drug Services (AODS). They help to inform programs, policies, and other prevention strategies overseen by AODS. 


Harvard Men Against Rape (HMAR) Dedicated to ending violence against women; seeks to foster a fellowship of men dedicated to exploring their personal relationship with a culture supportive of interpersonal violence, preventing the occurrence of interpersonal violence, and promoting the necessary presence of men in the international violence movement.